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Meet Shomari.

Alabama is home. It is where I was raised in my grandfather’s church and where I was educated from kindergarten to degree in law. The people and places of the state made me who I am today. Inspired by parents Michael and Vivian Figures, who devoted their careers to public service and instilled in me the values of service and community, I’ve dedicated my life’s work to advocate for the people and places that have always been at the core of who I am: the people of Alabama.

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Shomari's Work

  • Shomari worked to help free over 1,000 Black women and men from unjust prison sentences they had been given under unfair and antiquated crack cocaine sentencing laws. 

  • As legal counsel in the US Senate, Shomari fought to protect voting rights by drafting legislation to stop states from removing registered voters from the voting rolls simply because someone chose not to go vote in prior  elections. 

  • As an aide to President Barack Obama in the White House, Shomari helped build the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing, a response to the killing of Micahel Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.  This led to law enforcement agencies to change their use of deadly force policies and re-examine how police engage with the communities they serve. 


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